This might be painful for you to hear, but I’m no longer the way you’re used to me being. I’m not the girl who’d do anything for you just on the appearance of the smallest amount of affection.

I no longer believe that what you gave me was love. Because I know that if you’d loved me, I wouldn’t have felt like shit when I was with you.

I am not the same girl who fell in love with you. See, that girl was naive and pure and always saw people through rose-colored glasses.

Well, I’ve taken my glasses off and now I know better than to love you.

I’m not the same girl who kept finding excuses for your mistreatment. That girl is no longer in here.

Now I know that you were just another toxic guy who imprinted himself deep in this naive girl’s heart. After all this time, I’m perfectly aware of the things you did to me.

I’m not the same girl who felt blessed for being with you. You were never a blessing to me.

You were a curse, but I couldn’t see that at the time.

I’m not the same girl who’d kill for you. Back then I believed you were good and that you were worth it.

I believed you were one of those special people God had sent my way. You weren’t good, you were the devil disguised in a human body.

I grew up. The way you made me feel forced me to grow up. It made me think about my life and all the things I allowed you to do to me.

I had my life lesson and I have my fair share of years behind me. I allowed time to get to me; it taught me many things and it opened my eyes to many things. One of those things was not to let you take advantage of me anymore.

I have no more chances for you. I’m done with giving you second, third, fifth or God knows how many new chances. If you cared, one would have been more than enough.

But you didn’t. You wasted everything I gave you. You took advantage of me and you gave me nothing but an empty heart.

I’m no longer dimming my voice. I’m not complying with every decision you make.

I’m not letting you rule my life nor will you ever have the chance to see me bending the knee before you. I’m thru with that.

I’m no longer putting you as my priority. I never made it to your list and you were at the top of mine.

Where is the equality there? I would have done anything for you and you wouldn’t even lift a finger for me. I always put your happiness before mine, but not anymore.

I no longer have you on a pedestal. I no longer see you as the perfect man.

I no longer see you as the best I can get. Truth be told, I know I can do much better than you.

Life taught me and life showed me that there is much more to this world than you allowed me to see.

There is much more to my worth than you gave me credit for. I know better now than to let you determine how worthy I am.

And although you might not like the girl I turned into, I’m perfectly comfortable being the way I am now.

I’m perfectly satisfied with being the ruler of my own life. And the thing I most love about my life is that you don’t get to have a place in it anymore.