If you’ve been in search of the hottest texts to send a guy and turn him on, you’re in the right place!

So, we’re living in times in which texting has become second nature to the extent that it has almost replaced eye-to-eye communication.

Regardless of whether you’re in a relationship, just started dating someone or you have a casual romance, hot texting has simply become an inevitable part of our everyday life and the main ingredient when it comes to spicing up our love life (especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship).

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The Benefits Of Sexting

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As already said, sexting has the extreme power to boost your sex life and also take your relationship to another level (if you’re in one). To get to the point, some benefits of sexting are the following:

• It helps you create intense sexual tension

• It gives you more time to think about how you feel and convert it into words

• It spices up your love life

• It creates intimacy

• It boosts your sexual energy

• It creates a stronger bond between the two of you

Sending a hot text is the most effective way to turn a guy on and prepare him for upcoming fun!

Even though it seems pretty simple, there are still some things you need to pay attention to if you want to do it right.

For example, if you’re not that comfy with the idea of sexting but you still want to do it, the most important thing you need to pay attention to is doing it in your style.

Now, what does this mean? It means you don’t want to send a text you’re not that comfortable with because it might cause a counter-effect.

You see, when it comes to sexting, the most important thing is to stay genuine, and send only texts that are totally in your style and the mood you’re currently in.

Think about how you feel, and send sexy texts in accordance with it because vibes are a true miracle. Dirty talk phrases can do wonders, but make sure you use them correctly.

If you’re not one hundred percent into what you’re doing, chances are that it will turn in the wrong direction (and you certainly don’t want that). (Trust me, that’s the most valuable relationship advice I’ve ever received.)

Also, if you’re not that familiar with a guy and you instantly send him a provocative, dirty text message, the situation might become extremely awkward, and he might run for his life. So, remember to keep in mind two things:

1. Always send hot texts in accordance with your mood

2. Always send hot texts in accordance with how close you are to the guy

If you stick to these two guidelines, there’s not a chance that you could ever fuck things up. Awesome, right!?

Okay, now you’re probably wondering what kinds of texts you should send when you’re in different moods.

For example, when you feel like teasing a guy or you’re in a romantic mood, you certainly don’t want to send a guy some hardcore, dirty texts because if you do that, it will not go in the direction you want.

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Categories Of Sexting

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To make it easier for you to find the right text, I have divided it into specific categories that resemble specific text types.

So, if you’re feeling dirty, you can jump to that section. If you’re feeling like slightly joking, just switch to that section.

And if you’re feeling like mixing two or more of them, feel free to make the hottest texting cocktail!

This way, it will be much easier for you to pick the most appropriate one according to your mood, guaranteeing you some fun after.

Here are 7 sexting categories that you will find explained below with hot sexting examples :

1. Innocent Texting

2. Dirty Texting

3. Romantic Sexy Texting

4. Teasing Texts

5. Straightforward Texts

6. Funny Texting

7. Visual Teasing

Now that we have got everything straight, you can proceed to the list of the top 80 hottest texts to send a guy tonight that will make him hard and unable to think of anything other than you!

1. Innocent Texting

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Innocent texting is an awesome way to turn a guy on slowly and then proceed to the real deal.

When it comes to innocence, guys really can’t help but fall for it every single time. So, why not use this to your advantage?

The biggest reason why they are so smitten by an innocent sexy text message is because it doesn’t reveal a lot. It gives them a bit of what you’ve got but not the whole thing.

And that is exactly what turns them on like crazy—giving them enough to ignite their imagination and sexual fantasies but not too much to stop being interested.

It creates mystery and at the same time, it remains innocent and cute . Innocent texting is always a safe bet, and you can never fail with it.


Also, it is a great choice for those who are not that into sexting but would want to try themselves out there:

1. “I’m so shy but if you only knew what I’m thinking right now.”

2. “This whole thing is making me blush. I can’t help it.”

3. “I can’t believe how sometimes I feel out of control when I think of you.”

4. “I want to tell you what’s on my mind, but I can’t be fully exposed yet. When I’m comfortable, you will see a completely different person.”

5. “Hey… I feel really odd now. I just took a bath, and I feel so mischievous. How are you?”

6. “I’ve just had the most amazing shower ever!”

7. “I was wondering if you are alone right now?”

8. “I was wondering how you like me? With or without make-up?”

9. “Excuse my curiosity, but what kind of underwear do you like to see on a woman?”

10. “What do you do when there’s someone you can’t stop thinking about?”

11. “I’m just lying in bed with nothing on but a tank top, texting you…And what are you doing?”

12. “I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but somehow I can’t stop thinking about you.”

13. “I had the dirtiest dream last night, and I don’t know if I am able to tell you about it.”

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2. Dirty Texting

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If you’re looking for dirty texts to send him in the morning, in the middle of the day when he’s at work or at night, you should definitely check these out!

Opposite to innocent texting , dirty texting is more to the point (if you catch my drift).

Dirty texts are direct and therefore especially suitable for those who are in a relationship.

For example, your partner could be at work, and you have scheduled a time when the two of you are going to meet later.

That’s when you should use dirty texting to set him on fire with your dirty thoughts before he goes to see you.

It is a great way to show him how much you’re turned on by him, and you simply can’t wait any longer to see him.

He will be a little bit shocked at first (but in a positive way), after which comes lust and an intense feeling of sexual tension .

I’m pretty sure you already know the rest. Dirty texts have this power to reveal your sexual confidence and show your guy how bold and naughty you are.

And believe me, there’s nothing sexier than that!

1. “I want you so bad. Here. Now!”

2. “I love when you do (this) to me.”

3. “Every inch of your body is so hot. I could stare at you all day, and I still wouldn’t have had enough.”

4. “I can’t stop thinking about that time when you and I (did something) … (somewhere).”

5. “What are you having for dinner tonight? I know something that can be your dessert…”

6. “You have no idea how hot it is to see you turned on.”

7. “I want to watch you using me like your own personal plaything.”

8. “You want to know what my biggest turn-on is? Being fully naked in front of you and you looking at me and my (something).”

9. “I had a VERY naughty dream last night – you were definitely there…”

10. “I’m so turned on by enjoying myself while you’re watching me. It’s so hot…”

11. “I love the way you grab my hair and push me up against a couch (or something). Your dominance makes me hot.”

12. “Wouldn’t you agree that there is something extremely sexy about a woman being in control?”

13. “There’s something missing in my life… You want to know what it is? It is you deep inside me.”

14. “I admit that I’ve been a real bad girl today, and I deserve a spanking. Is that something you could do?”

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3. Romantic Sexy Texting

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If you’re a couple or you’re just in a romantic mood, this one’s perfect for you.

It will boost your attraction toward one another and create a stronger bond between partners.

Romantic sexy texting is mostly suitable for when you’re feeling an extreme connection with your guy, and you want him to know how much you love the things you do together.

Sending a romantic sexy text will let him know that you’ve been yearning for him and his touch because no one else can give you pleasure like he can.

With this, you are showing your appreciation and at the same time you’re spreading hot vibes and bringing about an intense attraction between you two.

Unlike other categories, this one is a perfect mix of the emotional and physical, which is an awesome combo when it comes to your love life .

You will trigger your guy on both emotional and physical levels, and he will want to see you right away!

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1. “I love you so much. Your skin, the way you hold me tight. And the sight of watching you turned on makes me feel extra turned on.”

2. “I can’t fall asleep. I can’t stop thinking about what we would be doing if you were here with me…”

3. “I wish we were lying next to each other… naked.”

4. “Your touch feels so extraterrestrial, like I’m from another planet.”

5. “The way you kiss me feels like something electric is running through my body. It is so intense.”

6. “Making love to you is driving me crazy. It feels like we’re in another world, separated from the rest of humanity.”

7. “I want you to touch me tonight and tomorrow and never stop touching me. It is the most precious and peaceful feeling in the world.”

8. “If you only knew how much I need you. All of you. And I want to give all of myself… every single part of my body and soul… to you.”

9. “I like the way you look deep into my eyes and the electric sensations I get every time you touch me.”

10. “I want to make love to you everywhere. In my bedroom, on the balcony, under the stars…”

4. Teasing Texts

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Teasing texts are a sure way to make your guy go crazy for you.

In a way, teasing is like challenging his patience (how long he will endure not seeing you), and it works perfectly, every single time.

When it comes to guys, believe me, there isn’t a greater invention than a naughty text with a lot of teasing.

It is similar to innocent texting, but the only difference is that teasing texts are, in a way, more direct. They work on the principle of engaging your guy in conversation.

For example, you ask them to help you unhook your bra or something but in a teasing way.

The accent is on posing teasing questions and sending flirty texts that will set him on fire.

But make sure that you don’t overdo it because it might create a countereffect instead of making him horny.

1. “I’m so bored right now and not quite sure what to do with myself. Hmm… Do you have any ideas?”

2. “Why is this making me turned on?”

3. “I can’t take off my bra… It’s really frustrating. Can you come over and do it for me?”

4. “I am in such an unusual mood right now… I feel like I could do anything.”

5. “What would you like me to wear to bed tonight?”

6. “I was watching a movie yesterday and couldn’t believe how intense the sex scenes were. Seriously. My goodness.”

7. “Wow, all those yoga classes have made me super flexible!”

8. “I’m not wearing panties today… They don’t feel comfy.”

9. “Oops, I just made a mess while eating yogurt… It’s all over my boobs. I’m so silly…”

5. Straightforward

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As the title says for itself, straightforward texting is about being direct, and these are some of the hottest texts to send a guy.

There isn’t a single guy out there who wouldn’t instantly get horny upon receiving a hot straightforward text. If you’re wondering why, the answer is simple.

It is because straightforward equals dominance. It shows your dominant side and that you’re comfortable with what you’re doing.

It is telling him that you know what you want. What you want is HIM, and you want him now.

Yup, it is really hard to overshadow this one. But if you are somehow not that comfy sending direct texts or you are simply not into being dominant, you shouldn’t force yourself to do it.

Do it only if you’re one hundred percent sure about it, and you’ll know the answer by paying attention to your body and intuition

1. “I loved the way you (did something) last night. It turned me on so, so much!”

2. “I’m thinking of buying some lingerie but need a second opinion. Could you come over and help me choose?”

3. “Tell me in detail what you would want me to do to you if I was there with you.”

4. “You’re so sexy that it’s painful. No matter how much I taste you, I just can’t get enough.”

5. “I can’t wait a second longer to feel you inside me!”

6. “Oh my God. I want you so badly!”

7. “My body is telling me that it wants to be pressed against yours. No, my body demands it!”

8. “I was wondering if you have ever done it (somewhere)?”

9. “Would you enjoy seeing me with another woman/man?”

10. “I was wondering what you prefer ‘down there’? Shaved? Trimmed?”

11. “I was thinking a lot about you… I want to know what the most sensitive part of your body is?”

12. “I’m sure you’d love to see me in this miniskirt I’m in currently.”

13. “Your words have made me really wet…”

14. “I can feel you touching my thigh even though you’re not here…”

15. “I’m imagining how you would look on top of me. And I really like what I see.”

6. Funny Texting

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Funny texts are a great thing if you want to turn your guy on and entertain him at the same time.

They are casual, and they also have a teasing vibe that will make him curious without question.

If you’re a couple, funny texting will break you free from your regular texting routine and spice up your love life .

When he sees the text, it will bring a smile to his face and remind him of what a hot lady you are. And whatever he’s doing at that moment, he will have to stop doing it.

If the two of you have just met, I strongly advise you not to use this one because he might interpret it differently. And if that happens, you will ruin your opportunity for great, hot texting .

So, the best bet is to play it smart, and send this kind of text only if you have known each other for some time.

mindful woman standing by the tree

1.“Ummm, I would love to see you turned on in front of everyone at work.”

2. “I want to know what your secret fetish is? You must have one… When you tell me yours, maybe I will tell you mine…”

3. “I can’t stop thinking about (something he did)… Can you help me with it?”

4. “I know you’ve been thinking about me all day… are you ready to stop thinking and start doing instead?”

5. “What’s your favorite adjective for your favorite part of my body?”

6. “Okay, now for real, tell me what your crazy fetish is? Vampires? Just kidding… Hmm… maybe not kidding. LOL. No, really I’m just kidding haha.”

7. “I have such a twisted sense of humor!”

8. “Why don’t we just have sex and stop texting? It just feels so nice. Especially if you’re on top of me.”

9. “I’m wondering if you’re as hard as (something) I’m holding in my hands.”

7. Visual Teasing

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I’m sure you’re already familiar with the fact that guys are pretty much visual creatures .

They like to see pictures of you in hot outfits or in hot positions (especially with sex toys ), and they simply can’t help but fall for it every time. So, visual teasing works every time no matter what!

But there’s something you need to pay attention to and that is to whom you are sending these sexy messages .

If you’re a couple and you trust your guy one hundred percent, then go for it.

If you’ve just met a guy, I recommend not doing it (unless you’re really sure about it and if your intuition never fails you).

So, if you’ve decided to go for it, the next thing you need to do is find your sexy outfits ( lingerie , skirts, sexy panties, etc.) and accentuate the hottest parts of your body.

Just pay attention to not overdo it because you don’t want him to think that you’ve spent hours building your perfect outfit. Be spontaneous and don’t overthink!

1. Picture of you in clothes without panties

2. Picture of you with something covering your boobs (you can also use your hair)

3. Picture of you biting your lip

4. Picture of you in some hot, fantasy outfit (Catwoman or similar)

5. Naked picture in a provocative pose (you choose)

6. Picture of yourself in lingerie

7. Picture with your tongue out (licking something similar to his thingy)

8. Picture of you in a sexy transparent shirt (or in a shirt that shows your cleavage)

9. Picture of you with a naughty face, with sexy clothes on and grabbing your boobs

10. Picture of you spreading your legs in sexy underwear

The most important thing is to stay true to yourself!

woman holding her phone in panties

So, before you send any of these, first ask yourself if they resemble your personality and if you are comfortable sending them.

The most important thing is to stay true to yourself because that is the only way to turn him on, with your vibe and energy!

Your sexy text messages or pictures reflect your moods, wishes, desires and cravings. They say a lot about what you want and how you are presenting yourself.

And that is why they are of the utmost importance when it comes to making a guy want you badly.

Never change yourself just so that you fit a particular role because it will not be genuine, and it is not who you are.

Just relax, be yourself, and never allow yourself to do something only for the sake of making him horny.

When you choose one of the hottest texts to send a guy you like, read it a few times so that you absorb the idea of it.

And if you find yourself not liking it, do not send it.

woman in yellow dress

Being comfortable with what you’re doing will allow your chemistry and connection to merge!

Staying true to yourself will help your chemistry and connection to flourish and reach their peak.

You need to feel intensely every text or picture you send because if you don’t, it will block your sexual tension .

If you’ve let him know that you’re in the mood for some dirty talk and wild sex positions , then you need to stay true to yourself.

Especially if you’re going to meet up later, you don’t want him to get a different picture from what you’ve been texting beforehand.

You want to stick to the words you’re sending and be the words you’re sending. And that’s how you’ll make him want you madly, crazy, badly !

80 Hottest Texts To Send A Guy And Make Him Want You Badly